My Experiment

I’m starting the new year with an experiment. Seems appropriate. I’m a workers compensation attorney in Washington (state, that is).  In a nutshell, that means I help injured workers. I spent an extraordinary amount of time last year working with a particularly dedicated group of people, on a new Vocational Improvement Project (VIP, cute uh?) for injured workers. The pilot program is effective 1/1/08.  So, Labor & Industries (L&I) is starting the new year with an experiment; I’m in it up to my eyeballs; Might as well start this blog as my own way of jumping into the deep end!

I’m hoping to have conversations about all things workers comp. Ok, I’m particular obsessed with vocational issues just now, but that’s not all there is in this great big workers comp world. Maybe you have questions; maybe I have answers.  Maybe you want to debate the wisdom of proposed legislative changes (or past changes, but that’s water under the bridge) Maybe you want to vent; I’m sure I do! Maybe I’ll be talking to myself, something my spousal unit (SU) accuses me of on a fairly regular basis.  Like I said, it’s an experiment. Everyone should start the New Year with something new!

Ready, Set, JUMP

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