Time loss payments

If you are currently receiving Time Loss (TL) benefits paid by Labor & Industries you may have seen a recent change in when your checks arrive.  This short note is just me, touching base and saying – nothing to worry about.


The Department’s computer system was recently updated. This update eliminated the lag which we have always seen in the processing of TL checks. In the ‘olden’ days if a TL check paid benefits through the 10th, it would process and mail 4 days later on the 14th. Now, through the miracles of modern computer technology, a TL check which pays benefits through the 10th will process and mail that same day. You may have received your TL check days before you were expecting it. Not to worry, your next check will mail just as promptly.


TL is generally paid in 14 day cycles. So, you should be able to predict with some degree of accuracy when your check will be received.  Everyone has a budget. Every budget revolves around ‘payday’. If you are receiving TL paid by the Department (as opposed to TL paid by your self-insured employer) your payday just moved up a few days.

7 thoughts on “Time loss payments

  1. it is so weird that i cant seem to get TL payments settled on any scedule . my lastest check should been payed out on the 21 st and here is the 26th and is not even been prossed why? oh and what is the differecne in a I payment and a D payment statis ?

  2. There are a whole host of reasons why your TL might not be processed on a regular basis. The claims manager might need a worker verification form, or might be waiting for medical information from your provider. If the claim isn’t allowed yet, provisional TL may be going out on interlocutory or temporary orders. There might be a protest from the employer which the CM feels needs to be dealt with before further TL can be paid. Sometimes TL will be in the system, but needs to be released by the CM, who maybe just didn’t get to it. ‘A’ payments are the automatic, every 14 days, like clockwork type payments. Any other code will require some action from the CM to get the payment out.

    Start by calling the CM and asking what the hold up is. If it doesn’t make sense – get to an attorney, pronto.

  3. My husband was injured at work on the 21st of May and has been on time lose payments most of the time since then. After his 12 weeks of family leave was used up, the company canceled his medical insurance and other benefits. His time lose payments went up $360.00 every two weeks to compensate for the medical and all. He has other health issues and is 58 years old, so we put in for his social security disability and it was approved. Will social security figure the offsets just on the wage portion of his time lose, or will they also deduct for the medical benefit reimbursement that he is receiving? doesn’t seem fair that they could take away the portion that is to compensation for lost benefits, if there wage calculations to not take benefits into consideration.

  4. Just wondering if I was lied to. I was about 7 weeks pregnant when injured, hadn’t even confirmed it with a doc. L&I labeled my pregnancy as a pre existing condition, they compaired it to cancer! And issued no time loss until after I had my daughter. They stated it was the law. Their law has effected my familys finances for years to come. Their law is wrong in my book.

    • The answer depends on WHY you were unable to work. If the work injury played a role in your inability to work, there is a good argument you are entitled to TL. If the only reason you were unable to work was the pregnancy, then you are out of luck. The pregnancy is a “pre-existing condition” which is an unfortunate way of putting it. It just means it is a condition which the is not related to your injury, and which is not covered by your work related injury claim.

  5. Part of my injury was that my knee would buckle underneath me, at any time. I had fallen several times and my baby doc put me on bed rest because it was a danger to my child. I could have killed my baby. Also the occupational docs could not take mri or x ray because I was pregnant.
    On another subject I got a question. The claims maager never put my baby girl on my claim, so right now they are back paying me for it. they sent me a check for $79.86 for the entire year of 08, thats about $6.66 a month for my kid, thats not even enough to get diapers! Is that right?

    • Your time loss rate is based on your marital status and number of dependents. You start with 60%; an additional 5% for a spouse; an additional 2% for each dependent up to a max of 70%. So, your time loss rate is increased by 2% for your dependent. This might not add up to much over the course of a year. If you have other questions, feel free to give me a call or schedule an appointment

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