As a general rule, I keep political views off this blog. I am making an exception for Initiative 1082, because it will have such a devastating impact on those we represent.

Washington workers’ compensation is there when you and your family need it. If you are injured on the job, workers’ compensation pays your doctor bills and provides some income until you can work again.  Our current system is highly rated by independent assessments because it is non-profit and required by law to operate with minimal costs.

The insurance industry wrote and is backing 1082 because they want to turn our State’s workers compensation insurance over to private industry. They wrote the initiative to set up a system where they can wrongly delay and deny legitimate claims, making a profit on the backs of injured workers.

The initiative is filled with fine print that hurts working families and according to its sponsors will cost small businesses $315 million. And, according to the State’s Office of Financial Management, 1082 will cost taxpayers $250 million.

Our Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler warns that the initiative would gut consumer protections and eliminate necessary oversight.

You have already received your Washington Ballot in the mail. Our office urges you to VOTE NO on 1082.

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