Can you hear me now?

I know there are readers out there. I’d rather not just lecture about workers compensation issues – although I’m more than capable of going on adnauseam. (Just ask anyone who knows me!) I’d rather hear what problems you’re facing with your claim. Chances are someone else is having the same problem or question.  If nothing else, I’d like to know what topics you’d like to hear more about.  So, send in your comments, and we’ll all muddle through together.

4 thoughts on “Can you hear me now?

  1. 47 year old male, healthy as a horse, driven class A CDl for almost 30 years… 3 other jobs, excellent attendance letters of reccomendation, humble, hard working, shy,trust-worthy…eveything in an employee you could want. >Except for an OJI Why doesnt the Emplyer have to explain anything. I find it kind of funny also that this [particular Employer too Chris on to pay all wage loss and medical expences when they are not even Self Insured. Dr. is not getting paid and NO pain meds or tests are being done. Wondering if the Wheelchair PT they had him scheduled for has anything to do with this “SET-UP”. OK, so far I have: …over 40, disabled, OJI accepted, exercising rights under L and I, using them up to $20,011.00, repeatedly tried to gain access to the union but failed. God only knows what is happening. Maybe cancer? Torsion? Heart? Diabetes? HELP!!! Yikes!!! My second time here and I dont know why but I have a feeling you could help? Let me know if you are interested and or have the time. I have perfect records, all documents from day one. Were going to lose our home, cars….everything that we have not pawned or sold as of today. He is not my husband but my best friend… All we would have to offer you is a small profit sharing account worth about $10,000.00. I’m not married to Chris but too am also disabled. Retired actually from the USPS…disability retirment and have been collecting SSDI for 4 years now. I won these on my own, I am 42 years young, and they all were “Mental”. PTSD, Anxiety, Chronic Panic and Ahgoraphobia …plus depression, well arent we all? OK add addict to drugs 3 years ago…clean now but this is too much for me and Chris thinks I can do it? I cant even take a shower on a regular basis since I find absolutely no reason too haha.. I dont go anywhere so…….. I dont want him to end up like me. I t took time for things to develope and they did, had two attorneys both in DC but one also worked here in SEA. I gave up my fight. Couldnt make it and had no support. I dont know what Chris has, but I do know “PAIN” lasting for over 6 months is a warning!!! Also studdied Natural Medicine for 20 years. I think you would also agree pain lasting that long, a symptom say something is not right.. Thanks for your time. Thank you for your Website…every little bit helps and the touch of humor and my goodness, “Driven” is the feeling I get… just makes me want to stay! I do remember what that felt like at one time. God bless you and your family. Olympia WA.

  2. The comment from Janelle – talking about Chris – is not an unusual description of how injured workers feel as their claim are progressing. A workers compensation claim can be very confusing. You don’t feel like you’re getting any better, not getting the answers you want. No one seems to want to help. Life can spiral out of control before you really have a grasp on your medical condition, much less your ability to return to work. When you hit this place it is extremely helpful to call an attorney. Just pick up the phone and call me. I know the questions to ask to sort out what is going on with your claim. Maybe you do need legal help. Maybe you just need to be pointed in the right direction, or need to better understand what to expect. In any event, you need to talk to someone who understands the language, so to speak. So, don’t be shy – ask for help when you need it.

    • Your question about job placement services is a good one. Technically, the Department’s duty to an injured worker is fulfilled by finding the worker ‘employable’, either because retraining has concluded (successfully) or because other transferable skill work has been identified. There is no statutory responsibility to find the worker a job. Placement services cost money, and L&I has no statutory authority to expend funds on vocational/return to work services after the worker is found employable.

      That said, it does seem like a gap which should be filled. Injured workers are not, in my opinion, provided enough assistance in actually returning to work; and workers don’t always accept enough responsibility for moving forward.

      Services to assist the unemployed are available at your local Work Source location. (otherwise known as the unemployment office) There are a lot of valuable resources and tools available for anyone looking for employment, not just injured workers displaced by an industrial injury. I believe injured workers would be well served by a visit to their local office, a visit which assigned vocational counselors could do a better job of facilitating. I think injured workers would be well served by utilizing some of the already available resources much earlier in the claims process.

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