Social Security Offset and “Full Retirement Age”

Happy 2015 to everyone out there.  A recent law change has made a change to the workers’ compensation offset age.  A prior post here discusses the basics of the offset. Currently, the Department of Labor & Industries takes the offset until a worker reaches age 62.  Then the offset shifts to the Social Security Administration (SSA) at age 62. The change in the law is the age in which the offset reverts BACK to the Department of Labor & Industries.  Previously, the offset switched back at age 65.  Now, the offset from SSA will apply until the worker reaches their “full retirement age.”  “Full retirement age” is currently 66 but it is gradually increasing to 67 for those born after 1958.  You can find your “full retirement age” here.  Questions? Let us know.

4 thoughts on “Social Security Offset and “Full Retirement Age”

  1. Mu husband will be 66 in May of this year which is his full retirement age. Will the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries offset his pension from L&I even when he reaches 66 (full retirement age)?
    Thanks, JC

    • When your husband reaches 66 the Social Security Administration should remove the offset they are currently taking. L&I will again take the SS offset at that point.

  2. I understand that the two totals cannot be below 80% of what he was making before he was injured on the job. Is that true? Also he never applied for disability with Soc. Sec. He was going to sign up for SS at his retirement age of 66 (which is next month) You mean L&I will still take money from his retirement-its is not disability?

    • Hi Judy,
      You have claim specific questions and it might be better if you gave our office a call. We’d be more than happy to answers some questions for you with a quick phone call.

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